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How to enforce a child support order in Wisconsin

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2024 | DIVORCE - Divorce, FAMILY LAW - Family Law |

After the divorce, the court often issues orders to establish arrangements finalized during proceedings. One of the essential components of this process is child support, which may take effect immediately. This type of order allows parents to contribute to their child’s living expenses based on the case details. This document is legally binding and can have diverse consequences if a parent fails to meet its conditions.

In Wisconsin, local child support agencies can help enforce the order and take necessary measures to address missed payments. These methods could include a wide range of options and arrangements, including the following:

  • Deducting support payments from wages or tax refunds
  • Putting interest on top of overdue payments
  • Creating and imposing payment plans to fulfill missed support contributions
  • Placing liens for the child support debt

These methods can be standard, but other options could be more appropriate, depending on the situation. Other penalties could seem unusual but may be relevant, such as refusing applications for passports or loans until after repaying the overdue child support. More drastic actions can also apply, considering the extent of noncompliance, leading to more severe penalties deemed appropriate by the court.

Understanding child support terms fully

Sometimes, a party’s missed child support payments can stem from honest mistakes and oversight. Other times, a parent may refuse to cover child support payments because of unresolved issues with the other parent. Either way, fully understanding the order is often crucial to address the situation.

Fortunately, seeking legal counsel can help clarify misunderstandings and confusion. By doing so, parties can determine how to approach child support issues appropriately and if modifications or adjustments are necessary.