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The advantages of bird nesting for shared custody

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2023 | FAMILY LAW - Family Law |

When parents divorce, the custody determination often leaves children feeling torn between households or isolated from one parent. In recent years, bird nesting gained popularity as a custody approach for divorcing parents. Characterized by the child staying in the family home while the parents split their custodial time in that home, you might consider this approach in your custody case.

There are several benefits to bird nesting, particularly for your children.

Minimized upheaval

Children thrive with consistency. As more parents focus on shared custody, reducing the upheaval that children face between homes can make that transition easier. Staying in the family home allows children to remain where they feel safe and also permits them to remain in the school they know, preserving friendships and extracurricular activities as well.

Stronger relationships

When children get equal time with both parents without having to adapt to different living arrangements and schedules, it helps to preserve their relationships. You can maintain your bond with your child without adding stress from a changing environment and new expectations.

Cost savings

When you and your spouse agree to split time between two properties, it can reduce the expenses associated with your divorce. You share the costs of the properties, which eases the financial burden on each of you individually.

Positive examples

Couples choosing bird nesting have to find a way to share responsibilities in the family home, co-parent respectfully and communicate successfully. This sets a positive example for children who are still forming perceptions and expectations about their future relationships.

An increasing number of couples opt for shared custody after divorce. According to a study published by Demographic Research in 2022, 34% of divorcing parents choose shared custody. You can reduce the anxiety and turmoil of shared custody for your child with a bird nesting custody approach.