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Rib Mountain, WI – Bus Crash on County Highway NN near Partridge Dr Ends in Injuries

by | Sep 26, 2023 | Accident News |

Rib Mountain, WI (September 26, 2023) – Officers with the Wisconsin State Patrol confirmed that multiple people were injured as a result of a school bus crash that took place in Rib Mountain on Monday morning, September 25.

Authorities confirmed that a school bus with the Wausau School District was transporting approximately 20 children from the Rib Mountain Elementary School during the morning hours. For unknown reasons, the vehicle became involved in a collision on County Highway N and near Partridge Drive.

The bus went off the roadway and struck a ditch. The vehicle then collided with a stationary object.

Medical personnel responded to the scene to treat the injured victims and transport those who required further medical attention to local hospitals.

The accident is currently being investigated by the Wisconsin State Patrol and the Marathon County Sheriff’s Office.

We hope all of the injured victims are able to make a full recovery following this accident.

Bus Accidents in Wisconsin

Rib Mountain, WI – Bus Crash on County Highway NN near Partridge Dr Ends in Injuries

Each year, more than 60,000 bus accidents occur in the United States. This number accounts for approximately 0.3 percent of all motor vehicle collisions reported in the country annually.

Due to the fact that buses often carry multiple people at once, they are likely to be considered mass casualty incidents. Unfortunately, it is extremely common for several victims to be injured as a result of bus accidents that occur. There are many reasons why we continue to see these accidents take place so frequently. Some of the leading factors include:

  • Driver Fatigue: When drivers are too tired to operate their vehicles, they run the risk of losing control and crashing into others.
  • Distracted Driving: When drivers are distracted by their cell phones, navigation systems, or even students on board, they are likely to miss seeing street signs or other vehicles nearby. This increases the chances of accidents taking place.
  • Speeding: Traveling at too high of a speed increases the likelihood of a driver losing control of their vehicle and going off the roadway. Speeding also increases the severity of injuries that are suffered in crashes due to the impact.
  • Poor Weather Conditions: Heavy rain, significant fog, and even snow can contribute to accidents taking place.
  • Mechanical Failures: Brake failure, jammed accelerators, and other mechanical failures can lead to devastating bus accidents.

If you have been harmed as a result of the bus crash, you should seek guidance right away from a Rib Mountain personal injury lawyer. A dedicated legal team will be able to help you recover the financial resources you need during this difficult time.

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Note: When writing this accident news article, our writers utilized secondary sources, including local news sources, local and state police incident reports, social media platforms, and, occasionally, eyewitness reports. Our firm has not independently verified any of the facts pertaining to this accident. If you locate any information in this post that is inaccurate, please contact Zerbst & Kluck, S.C., right away. The article will be updated with the correct information immediately.  If requested, we will take down this post. 

Disclaimer: This post is intended to be informational. None of the information provided within this post is meant to be legal or medical advice. The picture used in this blog was not taken at this accident scene. This is not a business solicitation.